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Этот городок на западе страны расположен между реками Северная Валира и Аринсаль, на пересечении дорог в Arinsal, Ordino, Arcalis и Andorra la Vella. На территории Ла-Массаны находится высшая точка Андорры-Кома-Педроса.  Очень быстро и удобно можно добраться из столицы, воспользовавшись новым тоннелем, соединившим Андорра-ла-Велья и Ла-Массану. В самом центре городка разместился новый подъемник-телекабина, который всего за 5 минут доставит лыжников в один из секторов катания Вальнорда – Пал. Кроме того, за 10–15 минут горнолыжники смогут добраться на ски-бусах от отелей, находящихся в Ла-Массане, до подъемников Аринсаля, Ертса и Аркалиса.

La Massana is a high mountain parish, presided over by the highest peak in the Principality of Andorra, Alt de Comapedrosa, standing at 2,942 metres high. From this rocky giant there are spectacular views, as the Parc Natural Comunal de les Valls del Comapedrosa boundaries form a kind of crown surrounded by peaks and crags, framing glacial lakes, rushing streams and rivers. Nature in its purest form contrasts with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities for all ages.

Here you will find first class hotel and tourist facilities, together with shops selling top quality goods at very competitive prices.

In winter, the ski slopes attract thousands of visitors who come to VALLNORD for its fantastic facilities, aimed at giving the whole family the very best holiday.

The area's quintessential sport, skiing, can be combined with other activities, such as snow shoe hikes, cross country skiing, snow bikes

La Massana is the most scattered parish (with the largest number of small villages) in the Principality and also has the greatest area of forest. The village of La Massana is the focal point for six smaller villages that have kept alive the spirit of the first settlers, whilst providing modern comforts for visitors, with first class tourist facilities and products together with a rich and varied gastronomy. These villages are justly proud of their Romanesque legacy.
La Massana gives its name to the parish and is a highly influential nerve centre for the whole area. With a population of nearly five thousand inhabitants, it has managed to join modernity and development with a respect for the country's traditions and history.
La Massana has one of Andorra's most impressive beauty spots: the Parc Natural Comunal de les Valls del Comapedrosa, a nature reserve created with the aim of preserving the area's exceptionally rich and diverse cultural and natural heritage.
The main attraction in the Massana reserve is its high mountain landscape and the six glacial lakes spread over its more than 1,500 hectares of territory. This is the highest area in the country. Visitors' eyes are immediately drawn to the Principality's highest peak, Alt de Comapedrosa (2,942 m.) dominating the valleys and giving fantastic views from its summit.

La Massana has a range of modern facilities for practising a number of sporting disciplines, as well as for discovering the benefits of the wellness culture, an ideal way to recharge your batteries after a busy day.

These facilities have many spaces in which to recoup energy, with thermal spa circuits where you can have relaxing or therapeutic massages and gyms with exclusive workout machines. Beauty also has its place in wellness centres in the valleys, with a wide range of facial and body treatments available, making your stay in the Principality a pleasure for the senses.

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